What are Swimming Screenings for?

Sports screenings are used for the assessment of an athlete that will help improve their performance and progression, whilst helping to identify the causes of technique breakdown, injury or future injury risk. Swimming is an amazingly different sport as it is not performed on land but in water, and the upper body is the prime mover, not the legs. The high repetitive workload on the body, and sub optimal technique, are the major causes of injury.

What is involved in a Swimming Screening?

What is involved in a Swimming Screening?
During a screening, specific tests are performed to assess strength and control, range of motion and flexibility. At the end of the screening the physiotherapist will run through the findings with you. If there are any major issues identified within your screening, your physiotherapist will advise you on the best intervention. This may include ongoing physiotherapy treatment to loosen up tight tissues. It may include other strategies to help you improve in the areas that have been identified as your areas of weakness, such as a home exercise program. Your results will also be passed onto your coach.


How often should you get a swimming screening done?

It is advised that screenings are redone to reassess your progress to see if you are improving, and to adjust your dry land exercises. The frequency of screenings is individually dependant, occurring more frequently with those that have more issues.



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